Cellular Phone Towers and Cell Phones Fact Pack



“The Center for Health, Environment and Justice has developed this fact pack on Cellular Phone Towers and
Cell Phones in response to the numerous requests for information that we have had on this topic. This fact
pack includes three types of information:
• Selections from issue papers describing the debate around public health, legislation and regulations
of cellular phone towers.
• Most recent health studies and exposure issues of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted from cellular
phone towers.
• News clips describing community struggles to address problems posed by cellular towers and mobile
• A section on cell phones featuring problems relating to health and disposal.
We have included materials from nonprofit organizations, government agencies, consulting companies,
newspapers, and journals in an effort to provide a thorough introduction to the issues. We have included the
abstracts of several technical reports that highlight what we believe is important information. The full text of
these reports can be found on the web sites listed on the respective information.
We intend this fact pack to be a tool to assist you in educating yourself and others. We do not endorse the
conclusions of the government and consulting reports in this fact-pack. We’ve included them because they
provide valuable information describing the long-standing scientific uncertainty over EMF health effects
typically found in cell towers and how these towers impact the surrounding community.
Our hope is that reading this fact pack will be the first step in the process of empowering your community to
protect itself from environmental health threats. CHEJ can help with this process. Through experience,
we’ve learned that there are four basic steps you’ll need to take:

Form a democratic organization that is open to everyone in the community facing the problem.

Define your organizational goals and objectives.

Identify who can give you what you need to achieve your goals and objectives. Who has the power
to block or shut down the facility? Do a health study? Get more testing done? It might be the head of
the state regulating agency, city council members, or other elected officials.

Develop strategies that focus your activities on the decision makers, the people or person who has the
power to give you what you are asking for.
CHEJ can help with each of these steps. Our mission is to help communities join together to achieve their
goals. We can provide guidance on forming a group, mobilizing a community, defining a strategic plan, and
making your case through the media. We can refer you to other groups that are fighting the same problems
and can provide technical assistance to help you understand scientific and engineering data and show you
how you can use this information to help achieve your goals.
If you want to protect yourself, your family, and your community, you need information, but equally
important is the need to organize your community efforts.
Thank you for contacting us.”

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